Do you accept walk-ins?

We recommend making an enquiry through the contact form or give us a call before-hand. Based on your requirements, a specialist will be chosen and we will schedule a consultation accordingly.

First Fitting

First fittings usually take about an hour. We will guide you through the process while helping you make all the creative decisions that will go into designing your custom garment. Following this, we will take all the necessary body measurements needed to construct the garment.

Final Fitting/Delivery

Once your garment is ready, we will call you for a second fitting. Should there be further alterations that need to be carried out, we will have these done within a week.

Do you work with local designers?

We have worked with numerous up and coming designers in the past who have gone on to create their own fashion labels. We do everything from the initial sampling to production work right here in the UAE.

What other services do you offer?

Read more about all the services we offer here.

What sets you apart from other tailors?

We are custom specialists - which means we can create anything. With the craftsmanship skills and the experience we have over the years, we take pride in creating that which the everyday tailor cannot.